APPire – the idea

We schedule the development of an app for smartphones. The app enables the user to scan their groceries easily (straightforward oder uncomplicated geht auch) and quickly by a barcode scanner to gather (oder record) their date of expire. Therefore the user gets an overview when his supplies in his fridge or larder will expire. This overview will then be available on his smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. So the user can be reminded in advance when his products will expire and, if he wishes so, he will get recipes to expend the expiring groceries. Additionally it will be possible to display those groceries, which were bought in abundance and exceeded the date of expire. Moreover the user always has a latest overview of his bought products at home, which makes the daily shopping much easier.

The advantage of this idea is to solve problems of the everyday life with the help of modern smartphone technology. A comparable application doesn´t exist in this way and will be unrevalled so far. Due to simple and visceral usage this app makes it as easy as possible to ascertain the groceries and check on their date of expire.

The waste of groceries is our personal concern: every three seconds someone on the earth dies because of hunger, while other people carelessly throw away groceries and forget to treasure them enough. There is also the fact (oder furthermore, ), that for every piece of meat an animal had to die or due to the transport of the groceries by train, plane, ship, train or truck the environment will be strained, just to get the groceries to the end-consumer.

With this idea we will make people treasure their things consciously and contribute their own bits for the society and in the end for our environment. Last but not least the app enables the user to save money, while he will be less wasteful and therfore more economic in his shopping and consuming.

APPire – and nothing will expire …

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